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Classifications & Divisions
The USSSA Baseball program was founded on and has grown by the merit of its multiple classification system. Many organizations have tried multiple levels of play but USSSA is the only association that makes it work. USSSA offers three competitive (Travel Baseball) classifications (i.e.; Major, Triple-A & Double-A). The higher the classification, the higher the level of play. In addition, USSSA offers a Recreational League play classification (i.e.; Rec League). Not all classifications are offered in every age division (see chart below).

Many teams try to let a geographic area or tournament location influence which USSSA classification they try to play in. Regrettably, USSSA Baseball does not operate this way. Teams are required to play in the appropriate classification which best matches their ABILITY. Teams are allowed to play up in age and / or classification but never down.

Travel Baseball (Competitive) Single Age Divisions


Coach Pitch (ALL)


Coach Pitch Double-A (AA)


Coach Pitch Double-A (AA) 
Coach Pitch Double-A (AA)
Coach Pitch Triple-A (AAA)
Kid Pitch Double-A (AA)
Kid Pitch Triple-A (AAA)
Kid Pitch Major (MAJ)*
*Only 8U Kid Pitch teams playing in The Elite World Series will be reclassified to Major after the Triple-A State Championship.
9U - 14U:
Double-A (AA)
Triple-A (AAA)
Major (MAJ)
15U - 18U:
Freshman Double-A (AA)
Sophomore Double-A (AA)

The Major classification consists of the top 12% of teams in the state; these are the teams that should be pursuing The Elite World Series played at the USSSA Space Coast Complex in Viera, FL.



The Triple-A classification consists of the next 44% of teams in the state and is designed for those teams which cannot attain qualification at the Major level.



The Double-A classification consists of the remaining 44% of teams in the state and is designed for those teams which cannot attain qualification at the Triple-A level.

Comment: The above classification percentages are "Rules of Thumb" and could vary as much as +/- 5% per age division and / or classification.

Trophy Hunters & Sandbaggers

Since every team's ability is subjective, the State Office reserves the right pursuant to USSSA Rules to reclassify a team up or down AT ANY TIME which demonstrates a skill level and ability, which in the sole opinion and discretion of the State Office, is over or under qualified for a specific classification of play.


Trophy Hunting and Sandbagging shall not be tolerated in USSSA Baseball.Prevention of both acts is a TOP PRIORITY!It is the responsibility of EVERY team to monitor all other teams in their classification and report any possible violators to the State Office.Emails may be sent anonymously to ga.baseball@usssa.com.The State Office NEVER shares anonymous email information with anyone outside staff.


The Rec League classification is strictly for teams that play in Georgia USSSA Baseball Sanctioned Leagues. Rec League teams are allowed to participate in weekend tournaments if their Local League Rules permit such.

Recreation League Dual Age Groups


T-Ball Rec


Coach Pitch Rec & All-Star


Coach Pitch Rec & All-Star


Rec & All-Star
Rec & All-Star
Rec & All-Star
Rec & All-Star