Official Rules - 1/1/2018
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Why Play USSSA?

USSSA Baseball is the FASTEST growing Amateur Baseball Association in the World!  So, what do 55,000+ teams know that you don't?  It's a valid question, and USSSA has several answers.

With USSSA, every player on every team is a winner because of our four (4) classifications of competition.  USSSA is the ONLY national organization in the world to offer this four tier system that allows players of ALL skill levels to compete against like players in leagues, local and state level tournaments, as well as national play.  USSSA believes the overall development of ALL players can be greatly enhanced by the experience and fun of tournament play on the local, state and national level.

USSSA continues year after year to experience rapid growth throughout the program and it's reflected in our Team Registrations and World Series participation.  Last year, participation in USSSA World Series play was 4 TO 1 over any other brand of baseball.  This translates to more teams to play, better competition in the teams you play thus making a better World Series experience.  In fact, during the 2010 season USSSA had over 2,250+ teams play in World Series events, that's an average of 187 teams per age division!