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Tournament Central

Now that the USSSA.com National Web Site has relaunched using a new platform, the original Tournament Central interface is out dated and functionality is greatly limited on most browser varieties.  With this stated, Tournament Central is now being hosted directly on USSSA.com.  The new platform has all the same features along with some new ones to make your selection process even easier.

Two new features that may help you narrow your results are searching by a specific Tournament Director or a specific Complex.


Select whether you want a listing of just events for your team's age and classification.


Select your team's age and classification in the "AGES & CLASS" boxes. 


You may leave the "EVENT TYPE" & "STATURE" boxes set at ALL or narrow your search by selecting specific statures and types of events such as Pool Play into Double Elimination or an NIT, Super NIT, etc.


Select the state you want to search in the "STATE/REGION" box.

You may leave the "STATURE" box set at ALL or narrow your search by selecting specific statures such as Super NIT, Global World Series Qualifier, State, etc.
You can even further narrow your search by entering from and to dates in the "DATE RANGE" boxes.
Once you've selected and entered all data to your satisfaction, click the "FIND EVENTS" button.


To redirect to the Tournament Central page, click here.