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Official Rules - 3/1/2021
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Starting Classifications



The 2020 season was a wild one shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic with every team’s schedule turned upside down at least twice!  Because the season was so short, it was impossible to do any early, mid or late season classification adjustments.  The after effects of the abbreviated season have left us with the majority of standard data points used to classify teams not being available.  Even now, looking back at the 2020 rankings, most team’s statistics are skewed and unbalanced by the lack of natural game results.


Attempting to do reclassification with such immense variances in available statistics has been extremely difficult to say the least.  Because of this lack of data our standard formula could not be used.  Instead, a modified version of the collected data was evaluated and a special one-off method was used to set the 2021 Starting Classifications.





The same exact method was applied to each and every team in each and every respective age division and classification; making the system objective across the board.


These are merely a starting point for all teams.  Pursuant to USSSA Rule 2.05; any team can be reclassified up or down at any time during the season.


Teams are expected to follow these assigned Starting Classifications.  However, a small percentage of teams will try to manipulate the rules by changing their team name or manager name, adding players beyond the scope of the rules or just be unethical.  It takes a cooperative effort by the State Office and ALL teams to supervise Starting Classifications / Reclassifications.  If you see a team on USSSA.com that’s classification doesn’t match this report, or has pulled the team name / team manager switch-a-roo, or is not following the “spirit of the rules”, email the State Office.  The State Office NEVER shares anonymous email information with anyone outside office staff.


Trophy Hunting and Sandbagging shall not be tolerated in USSSA Baseball.  Prevention of both acts is a TOP PRIORITY!  It is the responsibility of EVERY team to monitor all other teams in their classification and report any possible violators to the State Office.  Emails may be sent anonymously to ga.baseball@usssa.com.  The State Office NEVER shares anonymous email information with anyone outside office staff.

To view and / or download the 2021 Starting Classification Report, click here.